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The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotecnology (CIGB) since 1986 has become one of the most important research-production facilities at the "Western Havana Bio-Cluster", equipped and staffed to close the cycle from biological research, which means from biotech product and process development, to production, registering, and commercialization. The CIGB has 20 years of experience in the production of recombinant biopharmaceutical molecules such as interferon, Hepatitis B vaccine, Synthetic Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine, Tetra- and Penta-valent Combined vaccines , streptokinase, epidermal growth factor formulated in different forms, monoclonal antibodies and other products, which are already producing a positive impact on public health in Cuba and a positive cash flow from sales to more than 50 countries.

The CIGB with about 550 scientists and engineers work in more than 50 research and development projects, which involve new vaccines, therapeutic recombinant proteins and peptides, therapeutic monoclonal antibody and diagnostic systems. CIGB project/product portfolio is covered by more than 70 patent applications and manufacture of those arriving into production stage take place under the most stringent GMP conditions leading into international recognition by different authorities.

CIGB is open to implement a coordinated and targeted alliance-building policy, in order to speed up projects, to complement our capacities with those of our new partners, and to open new channels to the most sophisticated markets.

A component of that policy is to anticipate negotiation time and to start alliance building earlier in the product's life cycle. Thus, immersed in this movement, you will find in this document general data about the institution and summaries of eleven projects, which we considered most attractive for negotiation with your organization. However, while the main proposed focus is set within these propositions, discussions can be opened around other projects of mutual interest as well.